September 29, 2010

Day 105 - Bridge

This is one of my favourite place in the park it is Woodbridge Park ......

Day 104 - Theater

My daughter and I don't get to spend a lot of time together cause of our busy lives.....but we took some time out yesterday and went to Mama Mia.......

All dressed up...we went out for supper then headed to the show...It was a nice night out....and the Show was Fabulous...........

September 27, 2010

Day 103 - Fruit/Leaves

I couldn't decide which picture to post so why not post them both....they have no relationship to each fall colors....and


The Paper Mama - A Hint of Color

The theme over at Paper Mama is a hint of color...this photo was taken on our holidays this summer of my boys making is one of my favourites.....

The Paper Mama

Macro Monday

It is Monday yet again and ohhh how Monday is my favorite day of the you hear the sarcasm in that :)

Here is my shot for Macro Monday, I hope that everyone has a great Monday as it is the start of a new week!

Please head over to Lisa's Chaos for more entries.....see something you like....please comment

September 26, 2010

Day 102 - Birthdays

As I told everyone before September is Birthday Month in our family.....My Brothers birthday was last Wednesday the 22nd, my Moms is on the 29th and right around the corner is October and my Dad's is the 2nd.....

So we had a collaborated effort of a family brothers smoked some mom made the potatoes, corn, Chinese cabbage salad .......... I made a another salad....Yum Dinner was fantastic......

The Smoker

The Flavour

The Cake

My ohhhh so scruffy looking brothers...believe it or not they are twins.....

Ohhh and my kids...tye dye all dried and showing off the goods......

 And daughter took this for me....Thx Girl

Day 101 - Tye Dye

My daughter and her friends spent the afternoon yesterday Tye Dying......and here are two of the many shirts and tank tops they did......

I think they did a great job.....

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It is Sunday again and this is starting to become one of my favourite things to enter...Scavenger Hunt are given 5 words each week and have to interpret them any way you is interesting to see how others interpret them too....if you would like to see more please head over to Ramblings and Photos......

The words this week are as follows:


This is one of the last flowers we have in our garden and they never really bloomed this year with the cold snap that we experienced in September.....but they are miniature, I call them my cauliflower flowers.

Water Droplet:

I do not have a green thumb for plants inside normally I kill all house plants....but I am proud to say that I have kept 3 alive for almost a year...this one is even getting new growth on it....I had just finished watering it and couldn't help but see all the "Water Droplets on it".


My original idea for bed head was to take one of my sister manikin heads from school and stick it on my bed but with the last couple weeks of school and exam writing for her she we have a nice picture of the bedhead that I have every morning.....there are advantages and disadvantages to having short hair...first it takes less than 10 minutes to do it.....but you don't have a choice as it generally is all over the place in the  has to be done everyday...some days I do miss my ponytails....

The world of arts and crafts with colorful sparkles

I was really trying to think outside the box on this one and after a recent trip to the dollar store for daughter and her friends were Tye dying some shirts....while in the craft isle I came across a package of google eyes and wahhh laa...Eyes...

These are the words for next week

1. Golden

2. Smell

3. Fruit

4. Simple

5. Sports

Please play along

September 24, 2010

100 - I believe it is time to celebrate

Today marks 100 of our 365 Challenge..........I believe is time to celebrate...woo hoo.....

Let me tell you Glitter is a whole lot harder to take pictures of than I thought!!

Just two more from my adventure drive today.............


It is Friday....

MACRO FRIDAY - Baby Powder

I was playing as usual (which means making a big mess, lol) and I now have baby powder smell fantastic......but have white marks all over


Photo Roulette is where you are given a folder and a number and you upload it, edited or not.......please play along

This is may have seen him on my blog a few times....he is our next door neighbor's son and my baby fix when I need it (in this photo he was approx 6 months old).....he is my best bud and I love going exploring with him and teaching him things like how to blow bubbles, etc....but also forget how busy life is with an infant........who is now walking....


I am adding my shot from Day 99....I think it is simple and love the colors in it.....

Hosted by: My Chaos My Bliss

If you would like to see more entires please click on the links and check them out......see something you like...please comment.....

I hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend...I know I am fairly excited as today marks 100 of the 365 day Challenge.

See you all on Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

September 23, 2010

Day 99

It is getting darker earlier and earlier....the leaves are changed colors and falling off the trees which means it is offically fall....


September 22, 2010

Day 98 + Black & White Wednesday

While driving home from Sherwood Park I always try and make it can get pretty boring driving that same road all the boys can either choose to take the regular way home down the highway or shortcut one or two....which is basically the back roads home....they get to take turns choosing.....tonite as we were heading home on short cut 1....I couldn't help but notice all the bails in the field....the warm weather....we actually saw the sun today....YES.....and the beautiful colors...needless to say it took us a while to get my kids love the adventures.

I also had my wide-angle lense with me which is a lense I have not had a ton of opportunity to gives you a wider perspective on things :)

The Road Home

I am also entering the above photo is Black & White Wednesdays

the long road

The Fields

Different Focus

And apparently I can't count

Good thing I have someone who after looking at my 365 Day Challenge I realized I had done 94-95 together and did another 95 we are closer than I thought to

September 21, 2010

Day 97 - Tea

Who doesn't love a nice warm cup of tea...there are so many different flavours out there it can be hard to choose....I believe I have just about tried them all....In my house growing up my parents never drank we always had tea, plain no sugar maybe a splash of milk...especially on Sundays with dessert while watching Walt Disney.....

If I had to pick a few of my favourites....I think my top 5 picks would have to be:

1) Mint Green Tea (Any green tea for that matter)
2) Vanilla Earl Grey
3) Chai (Especially if it is homemade)
4) Black Tea
5) Raspberry White Tea

What's Your Favourite???



Thank-you to all those who believed in me.....your support and encouragement will not be forgotten...



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