January 31, 2011

Nothing like the present to learn something new and to play catch up.......lol

Over the past week I have been having some major issues with my picture program and have no idea why....I can upload the photos...know that they are there...but can't see them, access them or upload them to anywhere else...why...it still remains a mystery....so nothing like the present time to learn the upgraded version to the program...I have had this program for a while....so upgrade we have...

Good thing these programs really are not all that different or I could be really really lost...I admit I am a few days behind on posting and may not even have all my photos for the week...I have not accessed the full damage as to what may have been lost in the process....

I am still taking Faiths Simplicity Course and am trying to sort out all the photos for the assignments and team them up with my 365 Day Challenge.......This weeks Challenge were harder than you think, especially when you seldomly ever play with your ISO settings.

Day 220
Day 1 - Technical Assignment: ISO

Objective: To simply explore the eddect of ISO of your esposure......be mindful of your light
Take one shot with a low ISO (under 400) and take one at a higher ISO (around 1000 or higher)
Images are Straight Out of Camera


Day 221
Day 2 Creative Perspective Challenge - Straight Out of Camera

No Flash, just a small bedside lamp...playing with light and I like the effect...and yes my wall is an orangey, red, brown

Day 222
Day 3 Imitate a Photo ...This is the original photo

Due to the recent cold snap yet again, I have been unable to duplicate this photo with my own twist...I promise to continue with these assignments this week.

Day 4 - Inspiration Board

So again I will be a few days behind on my 365 Day Challenge...sorry for the delay......

Here are some discussion topics that we are suppose to discuss this week and I would like your feedback on these questions?

1. What Inspires you Creatively??
2. What Inspires you to Grow?
3. What Causes you to stop growing?
4. What is one thing you can do this week (or month) to nurture your creativity??

Side Note: I lost all my photos for last week due to the mishap with my program.....

January 23, 2011

Day 219 - Time

THERE NEVER SEEMS TO BE ENOUGH....lol....love how the flash has reflected the red across the band and this image is SOOC.

Here are two other shots from the criteria from the other day, take simple objects and photograph them together and another from the attempt of taken some good pictures of my boys together on the stool my son made....there are no faces in them as they were being goofy or closing there eyes or giving each other the looks, etc...

Day 218

What do you get when you cross a hand made stool (my son made this stool at school, he did such a great job) and uncooperative kids...well not the shots I was looking for...this is the best one of the day...

I am going to use the saying "When at first you don't succeed try try again, another day"

Day 5 - Ordinary Beauty Challenge + Day 217

Criteria - Find a few simple everyday objects and photograph them together

As I may have mentioned we are building our basement.

F 4.0
Iso 1250
Changed to black and white layer to approx 80 %
Added Texture, Create Edges from Kim Klassens Kafe

January 20, 2011

January 18, 2011

Day 214 - Lemons

I had a wonderful meeting this morning with a client who is about to embark on a new chapter in her life, I think the meeting went fantastic and I am super excited to photograph her newest addition.

I am taking an e-course through Simply Photography and have been reading away and working on my assignments, taking risks and am thorughly enjoying the course thus far.

Here are some other shots of the Lemons that I was playing with today.

A fun take on it, with some BLUR!!

P.S. It was nice to see some sunshine today too!!

Simplicity Photo - Crop

Frame your photo in 2 different ways - Straight Out of Camera

January 16, 2011

You will be missed..............

I have missed a day in the 365 Day Challenge to take a moment to remember a courageous woman who sadly lost her battle with Cancer and made her way to heaven yesterday.

She is a beautiful person who wasn't suppose to be taken so soon.....she will be greatly missed and will remain in our thoughts and prayers forever.

Simplicty Course - SOOC + Day 211 & 212

Day 1 - Indoors - Window Light  - This was taken just as the sun was setting tonight so the lighting is less than great. These are Straight Out Of Camera

Day 2 = Light/Perspective - Straight Out Of Camera...white on white...ohhhhh so we think but snow actually comes up blue....can't wait to edit this one!

Day 3 = Aperture Outdoors

Day 4 = Contemplate Your Shot

Day 5 = Snapshot of Your Life Challenge - This photo was taken in my bathtub...lol...to get the white effect for the background....still need to work on lighting a bit

January 13, 2011

Day 210 - Advantages vs. Disadvatages

There is an advantage to having short hair...it takes less time to do it.......disadvantage you have to spend every few weeks gettin it done to maintain the shape...advantage my sister is a hairdresser.....disadvantage you have beautiful morning hair....lol....I could go on and on...lol...lets just say there are many disadvantages and advantages to having a short hair....

Here is my new look, I wanted yet again to try something new....

January 12, 2011

Day 207 - 209

On Monday, I attended another course for posing through Canadian Photgraphy Learning Centre, this one was Posing for Babies and Bellies.....great class in helping organize your workflow and great tips and tricks.

This is kinda of a boring picture........but when ur brain is full of other ideas and you have to think of something simple......this is what you get...lol

Over the weekend we received a tremendous amount of snow...okay so mother nature decided we didn't have enough...now we have bitter bitter cold...now I can handle one or the other but both really......please give us a break...so we have now pulled out all the craft stuff that my children received for Christmas...we have colored our own tattoos....great concept but they don't go on very well........we will have to try again another day.....and tonight we decided to make bugs...Creepy Crawlers....if you don't like them you can smash them or grind them...yum....no...messy...ohhh yes....

Here are some of the tattoos that we can color:

Here is our bug maker.....

The molds

The pods of color...

The goo you can add....to give them guts.....YUCK

Our bugs we made...not all of them worked out so................

We ground them up!!

January 9, 2011

Day 199-206

I have kinda fallin off the grid for the last week, but I have many things that have kept me away from the blog world. First off, my daughter turned 16 this week, it was back to routine and schedule (which as everyone knows, it sometimes takes a few to days to adjust back) and we have now been snowed in again....gotta love Alberta weather.....lol!

Here are my photos for the last week which will get me caught up on my 365 Day Challenge just in time to start some classes again, I have the Simplicity e-course starting today and have a posing class for Babies and Bellies tomorrow¸ I am very excited.

I am not sure.................. but I may even be messed up on my days...not sure....hopefully not........... or I  may have missed a day here or there when taken photos................

This is one of my favourite beverages...its a nice treat....it is made in Mexico and is a carbonated Mango drink...YUMMY!! I so wish we were there right now...enjoying the sunshine...one can dream right!!

The bottle has such a cool look to it!

Snow Snow and more Snow......

Happy Sweet 16 to my Daughter

We are starting to build our basement.............hopefully we will be finished by summer.

Who doesn`t love a good lipgloss!!

We now have army men everywhere...............courtesy of my brother....lol

And we have been snowed in again...like I said gotta love Alberta weather..........

These are the drifts in my backyard...there is no way we are gettin out that gate anytime soon!

Love the texture of  ice!

Just Becuase!

Also we have surpassed the 200 day mark and I had a great idea that I never got a chance to try cause I honestly forgot it was Day 200 so I guess I will save it for 300.................I am very proud that we have all made it this far.....to all those particpating in the 365 Day Challenge...I am honored and proud to be doing this with you!

Okay I figured it out ....I fogot to post a day on here hence why all my numbers are messed up!!



Thank-you to all those who believed in me.....your support and encouragement will not be forgotten...



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