December 21, 2011

Week 20 & 21

Christmas is upon us...I would like to wish everyone out there a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

I have had the oppotunity to work with some fantastic clients this year and as this year comes to a close, I wanted to say "Thank-you to everyone".......This year has been a whirl wind and I have had so many opportunities to be so thankful for....the laughter, the joy and the ability to share in moments has made me truly blessed....

I wish everyone the very best over the holiday season, May your days be filled with joy, friends and most importantly Family....


December 3, 2011

Week 19 - Children, Engagement

I have been photographing this little guy since he was 5 Days old and he holds a special place in my heart, Mr. C is a joy to be around as is the funniest and busiest little guy I know...he loves coming over to Auntie Shib's house....

I then had an engagement session with Kevin and Erin who are a fantastic couple...I have known Kevin for years as we graduated from High School together....... through the years we have seen each other on and off at different was great to spend the afternoon together and catch up a little and I truly enjoyed our conversations and coffee afterwards to warm up....Here are there sneak peeks...Thank-you Kevin and Erin....Enjoy!!

Have a great week everyone!!

November 26, 2011

Week 18 - More Winter Bliss

This weekend has been jam neice and nephew were here...I met up with the cute Mr. T and then hung out with  Mr. G, Ms. S and Ms. K...through out the day it was tons of fun....

So here are some pics....sneak peeks and just pure fun!!

November 20, 2011

Week 17 - Winter Wonderland

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the Hartley family this weekend and what brave soles they were as they ventured out into the wasn't the nicest of days out...the temperature read a whopping -15 degrees....I am so thankful that we decided to do as there pictures as they turned out fantastic, with that said here are some sneak peeks.

On a side note...when I started the 52 week challenge....I never dreamed that every week I would be photographing people, families and such...I am so blessed with all the families, newborns, moments, creativity sessions that I have had the opportunity to do....thank-you

November 14, 2011

Week 16 - Happy Babies

I got to meet with Mr. A who is a very curious little guy....not wanting to miss a thing ....he is a very strong baby and here are some sneak peeks...

I also met Ms. M this weekend and couldn't get over how much of a joy she was to work with....All smiles and it...thank-you to her mom and dad for welcoming me into there home and please enjoy your sneak peeks...

As everyone knows...I love love baby toes...this time with a girly flair.....

Week 15 - Celebrations - Someone turned 9

We spent the weekend celebrating my middle sons birthday, he turned 9 on November 5, 2011...the weekend was filled with excitment as we took a trip to Calgary...we went to the Zoo and what a difference it is going when it is not 30 above outside...still exciting and good....

Happy Birthday to my little man..I love you and sometimes wish you could stay little forever....

November 1, 2011

Week 14 - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to is the week of pumpkins, witches, wizards, all things that go bump in the night.....

Pumpkin Carving

And on another note...I have signed up for another workshop but have to wait almost a year for it...Kelsey Anderson is coming to Calgary in September 2012......yaaa hooooo.

October 23, 2011

Week 13 - Weekend of Creativity

I had a wonderful weekend, first one of my best friends came down on Thursday to spend the weekend....On Saturday, I met up with the Williams Family.....we met at the dirt bike track when our kids were riding....we have spent many a summers together, they have been fantastic to my kids and I am glad that we got to know each other.

Check out there sneak peeks....

On Sunday I had the opportunity to work with the Stylists from the Retreat.....There theme "Dolls" and here are some sneak peeks...



Thank-you to all those who believed in me.....your support and encouragement will not be forgotten...



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