October 29, 2009

Father and Son

What a cold and yucky day it turned out to be, but these two were still troopers, cute, stylish and full of life.......
The bond between a father/son is something that is apparent through there interactions with each other...Who's your best friend? Daddy is!!......here are some sneak peeks.

October 25, 2009

Kilbride Family

I spent the morning with a great family and there trusty companions.....what could a person ask for great family, great weather, and great dogs. Thank-you for the day Kilbride Family!! Here is a sneak peek, please enjoy!

October 19, 2009


Never underestimate the energy and enthusiasm of children, I spent the afternoon with 3 great kids; who were full of enthusiasm and co-operation. It made my job easy. Thank-you for everything. Here is a sneak peek.

October 16, 2009


I got to spend the afternoon with a handsome little guy named Parker and of course his beautiful parents....we captured some fantastic shots....Thank-you for your hospitality Marie and Jay and Congratulations of your beautiful addition.

October 4, 2009

Road Trip

This weekend I went on a Road Trip to visit some GREAT friends of mine, in a place where I spent 11 years of my life. I had a fantastic time catching up with everyone that I had the opportunity to see.

During my stay I had 2 fantastic shoots, got to photograph some gorgeous kids and had some great laughs along the way.

Here is a sneak peek.....to post more soon! :)

Thanks for the weekend everyone and for those of you who I did not get a chance to visit, next time. Miss ya all. xo



Thank-you to all those who believed in me.....your support and encouragement will not be forgotten...



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