November 13, 2008

Carrie, Peyton, Brinley & Arden

A very long day for these girls....Peyton had an awards ceremony earlier that day at the Legion for winning a essay contest on "What the Canadian Flag means to her"..Good Job Peyton ...All the girls were still troopers in getting there pictures done....after our shoot we all enjoyed a very welcoming cup of Hot Chocolate, yum, yum.....Thanks Girls!!

November 12, 2008

Tobin Family

I got to spend the afternoon with Amanda and her two boys....after driving from location to location, we decided to stop, take a break (giving the boys an opportunity to run around) only to discover that my keys were now locked in my car...we then had to wait for a tow truck memories we will have from that day....Thank-you....

Bosley Family

My weekend away from home was a great one.....On Monday, I got to hang out with 4 great people ......Tim, Jenelle, Tali, and Evan....although the weather was not the most cooperative...we still managed to make the best of it, we hit a couple of great locations (Thanks Tali for the suggestion) and got some great shoots...Thanks for everything guys!!



Thank-you to all those who believed in me.....your support and encouragement will not be forgotten...



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