October 5, 2015

2015 Give Back Project - October

2015 Give Back Project - October
This is K and she will welcoming a baby boy into this world in the next couple of weeks.......her story is a little different.......K lost her partner in a tragic accident but has remained strong throughout this ordeal to provide the best for her son.........losing someone at any age is hard let alone being young.........sometimes things happen for reasons we will never understand and will always question.......I commend you for the strength that you have and for the family that surrounds you and I am very happy for you to be welcoming this precious boy......xoxo much love

Again below is our project, please continue to spread the word....

This is my moment to give back to you and to tell your stories ………

Not all pregnancies are planned, in fact, most of them are not.  Being pregnant can be scary, and even more so for a teenager. 

Being a teenager and finding out that you’re pregnant is a shock, not something you ever believed could happen to you, it happens to others, right?!?

I know firsthand what being a teenage mother is like…….I was one and wouldn’t change anything for the world…… and when I look back at the scary thoughts I had of becoming a mother at such a young age, I realized, I never took the opportunity to capture, cherish and embrace all the beauty, magical moments and memories that come with being pregnant and motherhood.

We are women, we can grow another human being inside of us…a tiny life…a moment that should be captured despite our age.

I am a photographer and my colleague is a make-up artist, and we have teamed up together to give something back, back to a moment in time that should be treasured nonetheless.

Our goal, is to provide professional photography and make-up for teen mothers who want nothing more, than to preserve a memory for a life time.

We will be offering a free session a month throughout the year to give back…..if you know of someone who is a teen mom expecting and would like to pass on my information, please have them contact me at memoriescaptured@telus.net. With Teen Mom written in the subject line and your age.

Not to discriminate against anyone but my cut-off age will be 21.  Thank you for your time is reading this venture that I have set out to do….

Kind Regards

Siobhan, Memories Captured & All Dolled Up With No Place to GO

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